Quick Review: SeatPlan

Quick: If you need a lot of information quickly, SeatPlan is the place to go. With details from what’s on, to running times, to actual reviews of individual seats in many of the main theatres of London, Edinburgh, Oxford and more, the site aims to cover a lot. For the most part it succeeds, giving a comprehensive picture of individual productions (down to the play’s history, cast, and ticket details), and of the seats themselves. The site is easy to use, and some of the reviews are incredibly comprehensive.

What a couple of quick browses do show, pleasingly, is that most people are quite happy with theatre seating. Although the reviews get slightly worse as the seats get cheaper, the difference isn’t huge (although there are a few very angry people sitting in the Grand Circle of the London Palladium…), showing that you can expect relatively good views from most seats – hooray for cheap seats!

There are one or two notable absences from the London theatre scene at the moment – neither the Donmar, nor Shakespeare’s Globe seem to be up there, the latter of which, with its odd angles, hard seating, and standing tickets, would surely be particularly useful for tourists. The Oxford site, too, has nothing for the Oxford Playhouse, focusing only on the New Theatre. It would be great also to see some sort of ‘TripAdvisor’ style ranking of the most popular shows, but the amount of information already on this site is staggering. Shows that have pages here are a one-stop for shop for everything you could hope to know.

In terms of finding a seat, the separate scales for ‘Legroom’, ‘View’ and ‘Comfort’ are fantastic; it might be nice to have a tool that allows you to filter by these categories e.g. “show only 5* legroom seats”. This is a site for the planners; for those who prepare themselves for another Hamilton/Angels in America/Heathers rush rather than simply clicking on any seat available whilst shouting at the screen in a frantic panic. If you are this organised person, or a incredibly short/long-legged person, this site will be a godsend.

Quicker: SeatPlan is an incredibly comprehensive site, with everything you need to know about shows on at the moment; from cast lists, to synopses, to maps, photos, show reviews, legroom ratings and photos of the views from specific seats.

Quickest: Add your reviews now!


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