How to spend a bank holiday weekend


      1. Throughout the week, keep mentioning to people that it’s a bank holiday weekend in tones of surprise and joya
      2. On Friday exclaim “Excited for the weekend?!” to your colleagues, and give a knowing wink and a chuckle to indicate you know of the existence of the bank holiday.a
      3. Start drinking.a
      4. Lie in. For as long as humanly possible.a
      5. Enjoy the sun by wearing as little as possible and sitting outside rather than inside at the pub. BBQs optional. a.gif
      6. Make a to-do list of all the things you will do with your long weekend.a
      7. Ignore everything on the list. Drink more. Sleep more. Brunch. a
      8. Feel smug all of Monday. a
      9. Realise you have done nothing and it’s work tomorrow.a.gif
      10. Remember there’s another bank holiday at the end of the month. a


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