Monday List: Top Five Podcasts

Welcome to the very first Cultured AF Monday Listicle. Enjoy weekly attempts to imitate Buzzfeed. First up…¬†Top Five Podcasts!

Having just started a job last September with an early wake-up and a far longer solo commute time than I’ve experienced before, podcasts have been my saviour. That being said, there’s a lot of rubbish out there that actually just makes the Piccadilly line feel even longer than it already is… These recommendations come after a lot of tiring and strenuous research. If you need something new to keep the journeys/dog walks/exercise fun, read on:

  1. The Debrief
    (Name change imminent as The Debrief webzine is being discontinued)
    A fun, funny, and intensely relatable podcast aimed at millennial/Gen Z women, hosts Stevie and Tessa chat about how to solve/deal with life’s problems. Episode titles include: ‘How To Survive A Hangover’, ‘How To Talk About Feminism’, ‘How To Deal with Cystitis’, ‘How To Enjoy Your Own Company’, and the excellent ‘How To Deal When Someone Has Dropped Your Heart Down Some Stairs’. Every episode starts with the hosts detailing one ‘adult’ thing they’ve done that week… be that keeping a plant alive, downloading a banking app, or buying some tupperware #relatableAF. This is my absolute go-to.
  2. Saturday Review
    For all you actually cultured people out there, this BBC podcast is your one-stop shop for keeping up to date with TV, film, theatre, music, exhibitions, books, and radio programmes. Hosted by the excellent Tom Sutcliffe, each week he and three guests watch/visit/read/listen to various cultural highlights – and lowlights – and then discuss. If you want recommendations and brutally honest critiques, this is the place to go. It also highlights just how many differently people can react to the same thing; something which is always worth reminding yourself of.
  3. My Dad Wrote A Porno
    On of the OG juggernauts of podcasting. An absolute classic. Genuinely hilarious, you cannot not enjoy Jamie and Alice’s comments and cackling as James reads out his dad’s porno; the infamous¬†Belinda Blinked. It will make you cry with laughter on the tube so hard that it’s embarrassing. Listen to it on your own with headphones for maximum inner hysteria. I’m off to see the Live show for my birthday in a month, so check back here for a report on that…
  4. Soul Music
    Another podcast that is almost guaranteed to make you cry (but for different reasons), this BBC show takes a piece of music each week and simply lets people tell their stories about it. Featuring both people who actually wrote/played the piece, and people for whom the song has played a major part in their lives, this has enough voices and stories interwoven to be constantly interesting, and – also -incredibly moving. The episode on ‘You Are My Sunshine’ gets me every time.
  5. S-Town
    No surprises here, this has got rave reviews from everyone, and with good reason. Even better than its precursor¬†Serial, this is Dickensian in its scope. Starting with a mysterious phonecall inviting the reporter to ‘Shit-Town, Alabama’, a story of characters and of individuality confronted with universal problems unfolds. The twist in the episode two almost made me weep. Also, the theme song is gorgeous.


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