“O beauty, Til now I never knew thee.”

Henry VIII, Act 1, Scene 4
William Shakespeare

I’m back in good ole’ England, but still reminiscing about the Big Apple… The Strand Book Store is world-famous for both it’s amazing 18 miles of books *contented sigh*, it’s 86 year history and the special ‘rare books’ level, which you have to get a creaky, old elevator up to.

The smell, the feel, the look… all of it is just lovely for a novel nerd.

Obviously I can’t magically transport y’all there, so here are some photos to help emulate the atmosphere around you:








I actually bought a book – not for myself surprisingly, but for my mum, who loves all things historical. After wandering around the rare books department for ages, I finally alighted on Goldsmith’s updated version of Pinnock’s History of England (yeah, it’s a long one). This book cost me just $20, and was published in 1845 – practically the middle ages in terms of American history!

If you go to New York, go here if only to spend a happy few hours perusing the piles.

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