“Of Nature’s gifts thou mayst with lilies boast, And with the half-blown rose”

King John, Act 3, Scene 1
William Shakespeare

More of my New York escapades… So on Monday (Columbus Day so off work!) I went to Central Park in the gorgeous sunshine and basically couldn’t believe my luck. It’s just so incredibly beautiful.

But obviously, being an English nerd, my number one port of call was the Shakespeare Garden: IMG_1231
Apart from being lovely in terms of flowers, I really got excited about finding the Shakespeare quotations hidden among them. Sad? Cool? Call, it what you will, but I have all these photos and no one to show them to so… you get to be my audience! Yay for you…





AND if that weren’t enough, I also have a picture of the Bard himself (well, the statue). Be warned, my photography, as you can see, is not the best. I blame the camera.


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