“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”

King Henry V, Act III, Scene I

William Shakespeare

I can’t believe I forgot two of my favourite children’s books! I only realised when I got home from school, so here they are. Enjoy!

  • “What Katy Did” Susan Coolidge: Love these books (there are five in total), and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, although I found Cousin Helen a bit overly saintly for my liking.
  • “The Railway Children” Edith Nesbitt: Finally, a children’s book where the film is as good as the novel. I love Jenny Agutter as Bobby (one of the best heroines ever, in my opinion) and I have (yet another!) tape of Agutter reading the book.
  • “The Saturdays” Elizabeth Enright:Surely one of the greatest and most undiscovered series in children’s literature (at least in England, the books are originally American, so I don’t know about over there). There are four books in total, and I simply cant decide which one I love the most. They tell the story of Mona, Rush, Randy and Oliver Melendy and their father and their beloved housekeeper, Cuffy. In the first book, the Melendys decide to pool their allowances in their Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club or I.S.A.A.C  to let one of them, each Saturday, do something memorable and something they’ve always wanted to do. All the books are so worth reading; please, I beg of you, READ THEM!
  • “Swallows and Amazons” Arthur Ransome: Much more famous than ‘The Saturdays’, but (almost) as good. I saw a production earlier this year in the West End (it’s touring at the moment: http://swallowsamazons.co.uk/the-show/. It was much better than I anticipated, although personally the actress playing Titty wasn’t as good as I wanted her to be; but then, that would be pretty hard and she was one of the people I desperately wanted to be friends with when I was younger. As my family (especially my dad) will tell you, I’m not a big fan of sailing although I can crew reasonably well, but this book (there are more in the series, but I never got into them as much) made me want to sail.

Ok, those are all for now, but you can bet that as soon as I publish this I’ll remember more. Hopefully speak soon! Please comment with your suggestions or opinions. Thanks for everyone who reads this, especially Stan, who actually bothered to talk to me about it, Sophie, who kindly read all of them, and Eduin, Emma, Ed, Leila, Sophia and Martha for giving my blog loads more views and making me feel popular!ImageImage

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